About Us

We are network of professionals, based in different countries, specialized in import/export of food products and ingredients.

More then 20 years of experience in the industry

Providing our services to 500 manufacturers worldwide

Supported by the Government Import/Export Agencies

Successfully working over 12 years

How do we work?

The Manufacturer can visit Services section and select all required services and we will process it accordingly and arrange personal meetings with your potential clients, start selling your products in your target market and provide other services you need.

If you are a Manufacturer and would like to become our partner, you need to go to the Services section and get registered, in addition, you will need to fill the Product Listing and register the assortment of manufactured products in our i-Catalog, which we use for personal presentations with your potential customers.


Free registration, add your products to our i-catalogue and we will present it to the right customers, start using i-exporter services and establish your export to many new customes.


Services for Manufacturers

This is a list of our services we are providing to the manufacturers. You can select one or few services you need and we will get back to you with our quotation.

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Consultancy Services
Business Services
Presentations & Marketing

Sevices for Importers

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Sevices for ECR Partners

We are offering for the companies or experiences individuals to become our ECR Partners and join our i-exporter international network.

Our main activities are to provide supporting local import/export services for the manufacturers and importers.

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Dubai, UAE

TRADEX INTL PORTAL (License #1086148)
EMAIL:  sales@i-exporter.com